Manufacturing Process

High standards create dependability when your animal companion needs it most

Just as developing effective and well tolerated therapies is a focus for KindredBio, the quality of those therapeutics is also important. The FDA regulates the quality of the pharmaceuticals using a standard called Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). KindredBio believes our animal companions’ therapies should be made with the same high standards we use for human therapies.  KindredBio develops and manufactures products in a cGMP environment.   To that end, KindredBio has a cGMP biologics manufacturing facility in Burlingame, CA and a second under construction in Elwood, KS.  KindredBio also has commercial manufacturing agreements with Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) that follow cGMP standards when we require outside manufacturing.

At KindredBio, development and manufacturing teams work in synergy. Our manufacturing facilities allows a seamless transfer of the molecules from the development to the manufacturing stage, tight control over the steps and processes, and provides a unique setting for the development and manufacturing of high quality species-specific veterinary biologics and pharmaceuticals.

Development and manufacturing teams work in synergy